What do you say we start the bid on futures betting that private sector can succeed, which is far better odds (for failure), than already defaulted: get drunk, take drugs, gambling and raquetering of an Armageddon. Proceeds, on losing Earth-to-species living, take should have been received by now. Only profit on futures betting now is the long shot, underdog effort of survival: the only source for substantial profit, or the game is fixed, the Houses are fake, ruled by the government. You will now need to place future bets in upcoming new establishments’ betting on a unlikely future, involving a survival-value investing in stock of companies making profits of a wide horizon of 200-300 years, to get any sizable net gain, any sizable profit, at all! All other bets have gone final!!!

EarthParallel courses of private sector sceduling taking initiative from government efforts to meet the <2° Exoplanet Dead-line.

Determine minimal schedule of exoplanet/human species/living matter success.. Meet, better: beat.

Sales for futures bets that meet our challenge to beat our bio-genetic challenge of existence while rampid gambling goes on and a counter-offense to the direct and indirect attacks of the effort for bio-genetic species’ survival.

Tenet:. A gentleman can exit a game of play by taking his life as the ultimate freedom–final say on fate–now or later–his or her life–not the choice of 8 billion people.

What do you say we bet on the private sector on this newly discovered value-investment, lacking in most everything else, and bet with the hedge firms whose futures stock provides the sizable profits, and really, the only gains left!!

Now! Hold On! One Minute!  Is Trump challenging the private sector not to exist!  Are we really getting bigger government, and destruction of the Private Sector??!, where private enterprise is stifled, and dictated to on private policy by an overbearing government!!?

Abraham Boulder; the rock of Wall Street is the exoplanet.

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