Feed your demons.

You must go to the angelic, Ariel for Light
Angel Raphael for good health and balance, a degree of soundness weighing the cauldron boiling with the eye of newt: flashed Ariel! resplendid Raphael!, and . . . Not overdo it, with the security of Guardian Angels Michael, and Gabriel.

But we will over do it. And the choices, to some degree will be fated final.

How much to sit and wait for necessary leadership, whom grabs the staff and puts the flag upfront–the rank-and-file eyes forward, ears attentive, to command language bringing in the New Year. A new era, destined to challenge the black death of indifference and complacency.

All those children whose lives have been lost did not die in vain if we remember spirit as the Chi-energy of health and renewal, and the creation energy infused into the new reformed liberal economies and amended constitutional governments, that test the limits of life, pushing us, indeed–pulling us, away from certain death. Ad infinitum.

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