What’s the Big Deal!!?

The Big a Deal is “America the toilet!.” All these toxic wastes dumped on undesignated official sites lacking adequate protection, or mishandling of government property to promote death and breakage of the ecosystem’s chain, starting with amphibians.

Dump & Murder is the name of the game. The more shit goes in the toilet, the greater the extinction possibility. Faustian bargain: we kill life, to live longer. Medical science, bio-engineering hasn’t guaranteed three hundred years of life yet. So my crap, killing life, satisfies my desire to live until 120 years.

After the craps out, or before, America needs to be sublime. America needs to raise its nose to the shit that’s before him, and “fuck you over,” such that America gets mentally ill, and doesn’t care about anything anymore.

Doesn’t want to hear of his problems–does not want to solve them divergently– just wants evetything to go away–in one catatclysm, or two, or three.

You know, this guy’s “got a beef.” But who are you telling it to. I care about the clothes. The cologne. The cars.

And the woman, easy. As long as you’re a dump: they’re a dump, and you’re killing everything you can–then “you’re my man!”

So you’re telling it straight. And what if we use WQ (wisdom quotient), or wisdom intelligence–what if We Don’t use too much intellect quotient, intellect intelligence (IQ), which is really computer thinking, for smart technology in robotics, supplanting our brains, then our bodies.

So “you’re shit’s” talking, and telling everything, and everyone: you’re going to fuck everything in sight.  Does that make you big?–it makes you small!!

What if we began to care again. Cared about what we put in our bodies, and how behave on an exoplanet–among millions of exoplanets, in a swirling galaxy–one, of a trillion galaxies. What if we got our act together for universal hygiene.

Engagement is as an essential experience in universal consciousness, as is entanglement a physical phenomenon in universal physics.  It is constructive, “idea popping,” and holds promise for a new era to start–one entangling us in rich possibilities and opportunities–if we don’t close our minds for ignorance, or make allowances for our brains to be supplanted by smart technologies, such as the use only of intellect intelligence, when we can use more readily WQ, wisdom intelligence; SQ, spiritual intelligence (values & meaning), EQ, emotional intelligence, and limit the use of IQ, because IQ does entail computer thinking and unnecesary replacement by quantum artificial thought.  Know AI is a tool, no more than that.  Command is human. Tool is AI.

This “universal engagement” is apparent in caring where you dump your “shit,” whether it be your feces, or you’re industrial toxic wastes, is a discrete part of “turning our direction” in ScienceII, G200, Marshall PlanII.

Not “fucking everything in sight,” allows other things to exist–beside you. Let’s relearn how to co-exist, with ourselves and other species.
Abraham Boulder

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Hong

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