Reading List, Noteworthy, very,very important. enjoy.

Computer modules=children, computer program “time-honored” Slaves. Terrible whites=Kyrgystan and Russian Federation, besides India and China “Aryans,” Soeul, Tokyo. Trump=Slovakia. Quiet white genocide of Protestants by Eastern Orthodox churches and Islam. Big brother is a bad fart, but actually Citizen Kane film, Brave New World bk, 1984 bk, Animal Farm bk, Titan(ic) bk, The End book that is a Joseph Pulitzer prize winner.
Fire&Light by Burns book; Thomas Paine’s 3 works “to get the lead out.” Avalon Project; Yale Law School: 1775 right to bear arms; George Washington Farewell Address (“why I chose not to be king”); Science of Liberty book; Liberal (individual “freedoms”) philosophy=liberal ideas, philosophy of language, of scholastic institutions and foundations, Individual Freedom Law. Constitution law of each state of U.S. and U.S Constitution, Declaration of Independence (for species survival instead of supplanting our brains by smart technology robotics, or “smart organisms”–minus brain faculties, maybe even consciousness).  p.28 Red Book by Jung, (“why is it I think I am mad; or what was it all about?–what are the actual stressors and in Tao-induced society that causes “bother.” Am I really responsible?” Look again. Read; Poltergeist, film.
Ethical standards:
Lots of people will die.  Therefore, do you die a slave, then an unconscious robot organism as fate; or do you choose bio-genetic species destiny, Freeman for 500 years of Science II Marshall Plan II G200, legal corporation redefined, 100 million trillion U.S. real 2008 dollars spread throughout income brackets for strongest economy of private enterprise and private initiative. Fill, the madness brought to our consciousness by rearing of world leaders eating whatever they want as royalty and Faustian murderers of the world populations. Inputting. Put in to us, to fill us up.
Intellectualism=series of ideas.  Lived for is a form of delusion, does not equate in application. May be ideals.  Science of Liberty is language of exploration and discovery of our where-abouts.  And if learned their is a physics, a bone china ring–a liberty Bell sound to it–resounding phenomenon ontologically–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Hong.

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