Rumor. Cannabals possibilities revealed. Secular discussion.

Fiscal Policy in many statehoods entail genocide to improve economy.  This is a present day possibility, and extends to eating flesh and bones of humans. Preferences including eating Jew.  This may (or may not) happen in areas of commerce.  Singapore perhaps is entertaining this idea of consumption as a possibility.

Jews should get their act together.  Be a strong clear united voice, and be constant and adamant that “Jews as a delicacy” is opening it wide for other races or “previous tribes” making it to the menu, and making it to the all-time “best list of ‘eats.'”

This is rumored and will be publicly denounced.  It takes active roles in behind-the-scene negotiations to influence satisfactorily not to start or continue to eat human flesh and bones.

Educating Jews is a must, that they should exploit their perceived (by many) role of emphasizing earthly existence as valuable, and that they, the Jews, feel strongly, that world populations should not just runoff to after-death (i.e., damn) experience. Those like royalty predetermined to go to heaven should recognize the Creator in Jesus, and that God loves the living, wants them very much to endure their sufferings, and to die peaceful.

Abraham Boulder –Keven.

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