Movie to battle animal and dragon organisms to be updated to include smart technology organisms. I die, presently.

Know the Dalai lama well. There’s more hate than love.  More death than life. More pride than wisdom.  More stupidity than WQ, wisdom quotient, or wisdom intelligence.

I die because I am free.  Because I have brains as well as heart.  He is but a reptile with slivery tongue, no more than that.

. . . as Obama keeps laughing.  Tribal hatred of fate, rather than destiny of love, Sacre Coeure, Creator, God of Sanity and destiny through Genuine Love!

The image of the newborn Meseach son is only one Sacre Coeure of destiny and genuine love!

I do not profess to be a hero, but nonsense needs sense to be made, and the hero of our destruction, needs clarification of our desire and determination to live.

He is loved, not for His hate but for honest love of his fellow man, but we do not ignore limitations of the Mortal Leader, and look through persuasion, and very, very assertive reckoning on the side of checks and balances of democratic institutions to survive his pilfery of America–his attempt at destroying the world.

He is attracted to the Moral Evil of Auschwitz having the previous president enjoy the Lisbon earthquake.

Wig-Wam generations work to satisfy the Nazi ego of Aryan language found in Eastern Germany Moscow Tibet India Pakistan Afghanistan Taliban and England.

He uses a plastic surgeon laser of royal superficiality to make chum when the friend I knew from his father was a friend at age 6, but by age 30, counseling at New Jersey Mental Health perfecting the transfer of trauma of his PTSD from his mother’s Jew death camp onto patients so that the counseled do significant harm to colleagues at work or in the field of business to coerce profits from those laid victim This he did counsel from New Jersey Mental Health.

He declined to any form of healing to amplify Hitler’s hate in him to be a laser to fellow Jews and for his sons to do the same.

What we have in late night-early morning hours, is in the Red Book p. 28. of Carl Jung. The dementia preacox or acute brain disorder of a society gone mad during World War I.  He thought himself some schizophrenic, only to be awakened to the outbreak of WWI, and the “schizophrenia” throughout Europe.

I now propose this very “schizophrenia” is here tonight to teach me a fatal lesson (to a schizophrenic(?)) at the possible onset of World War III.


Note:. Weg’s son said intuitively in the collective unconscious or transpersonal, “I think I’m going mad because I have lost my wife and son.”. It seems he is in need of assistance.

He targets me, so I cannot help.


It seems Anglican Church has an Aryan language of anti-semitism and Earthly Jew death from their heroin-chemical heaven, that, in spirit: all of earthly Jew go to hell, and the princely heroin junkey that sells his wares and human trafficking leaves the hell he creates on Earth and the economies he destroys for after-death heaven of spirit that he manufactures as heroin-chemical human waste on this exoplanet.

A little less irresponsibility in royal fashion and a more meeting-of-perceived-obligation to the Earthly Jew to carry on on this and other planets and a carrying forth of his genes in coming generations.

I guess the crux is finding that Earthly Jew that satisfies the Christian Sacre Coeure so that the Anglicans and other royal catholics will be satisfied to live a thousand years with their New Named Jesus, instead of making a mockery of life through Aryan death games.

Abraham Boulder.

It is the dragon that provides the wisdom of our fated demise on Earth, but the Sacre Coeure Son that must slay the dragon, so that he returns to the swamp, and His presence assured, for a thousand years of bio-engineering marvel and planetary relative peace of keeping diversity in co-existence which can be in different and separate hamlets and neighborhoods.

Fill-up be the reptile and dragon along with the Dalai lama who hate all and want all dead.  They seem good but it is opoid junkiness and loathing of mankind is greatly apparent.

Note:. Weg’s son said intuitively in the collective unconscious or transpersonal, “I think I’m going mad because I have lost my wife and son.”. It seems he is in need of assistance.

He targets me, so I cannot help.


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