Let’s see the APA get on board!

I hold the American Psychiatric Association responsible for not emphasizing medicine-when-needed enough, instead of promoting this-drug-is-effective, but never mind what it can do to you adversely or by side effect.

They have not had an official promotion of the kind that emphasizes medicine-when-needed, as reasonable, viable promotion of their business, they engage in; and part of the medical crises we are having, has to do with taking the wrong medicine-for-effect, on purpose, or intentionally not taking the effective dose which would have led them to more sounder judgment, in their medical practices, not just in their private lives.

We need the doctors to spend their money promoting correct usage of medicines, that don’t make you sick, for profit; either because the user becomes an onerous obnoxious agent, or to force behavioral compliance with swindling speed end-results of essentially–criminals–profiteering in unethical business practices, to siphon funds from actual legitimate business, or to force hostile takeovers. And for you to administer an oral dose in the form of a capsule, to do your part in unacceptable, unethical business behavior.

Stanford calls their psychiatry department, Behavioral Sciences. Let’s stop peddling corrupted business practices by behavioral inducements of the wrong med, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons.
Abraham Boulder

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