Lousy expectations

Count on Trump replacing more American populations for China, India, Russia, and Aryan ideologues. 2nd and 3rd world in. 1st world dead, homes inhabited, property taken over.

If you don’t think it includes the white race, you lose! Think 1% with 5% management. That leaves 94% to lose big!!

Is this what you want? Is this what the world populations accept?  Do you see the body of “what makes us”–our physical and spiritual constitution on exoplanet Earth: the U.S. Constitution states quite clearly, as well as “the right to bear arms, 1775” of Avalon Project, Yale Law School (internet), “bring down the wall, O’Republic!; finally Washington’s farewell address, saying goodbye to all dreamers of a king for president, although beside the political state, there can be a man such that he is touched by the Divine to answer to Jew, Christian, or Muslim in synagogue, church, or mosque, or by law to Americans responsible in their faith to pray for the good-to-greatness we so badly need to have and obligations to fulfill in open markets, with trade agreements, favoring all nations, especially the United States of America.

If it be arms they show, bullets reaching legitimate constituents, tearing heart muscle and embedding in the fat of our brains, I say show them that you love, also!  And that you can have a fun time and be merry too!

President Obama presiding; President-elect Trump swinging in the batter’s box at this time.

What they teach by these cable programs is that deft, agility, and language command will be punished, and if you are brain-damaged by chemicals to make you aggressive and violent, you will be attended to,  you shall rule, and you shall be Victor.

Abraham Boulder

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