Very, very important communication vocabulary!! Final.

conciliatory=to please a head of the power of the governed, with limited government power, whom has under his authority: awesome power for political advantage, not dictatorial rule.

“A thousand year leap.” Business making big profits, funneling additional proceeds into subsidiaries providing additional big profits for many years to come, centuries after centuries: a thousand-year leap. Via subsidiaries competing in free-market pricing receiving economic incentives to build the momentum of locomotives leaving the gate moving to full strength, becoming parent companies, and the former parent companies becoming subsdiaries by way of economic disincentives, yielding declining markets whom are connected to assessors, similar to private company assessors on bond values, relying on Earth sciences schedules of Earth1st, USA 2nd, World3rd, exoplanet deadlines.

A welcome for Jesus of Christianity to keep war minimal and keep the peace with American business success year after year and world trade negotiated for American advantage not just serving other foreign nations needs and interests.  Having placed the State business and private sector business in order under liberal economics, having a Electoral college vote success repeated twice, we strive in bio-engineering to make this field relevant to our exoplanet species and species development. While the human brain develops by plasticity and natural selection of “Natural Order by God, Natural Law of Man.”. This opens our hearts to peaceful acceptance of an engaging Messiah with devilish antics to defeat His presence on exoplanet Earth, and bio-genetically devise a physical longevity of a thousand years, with out interference with genes of heart and brain and divine soul loci.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder.

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