Invest in more college degrees (B.S. in business, second achievement) for

History doesn’t move forward because of Pascalian era devotion to futures speculating derived from the global syndicate “house” winning with the worst odds; instead of value investing, with the greatest odds, the greatest risk, and the greatest profits with the greatest guarantee of proceeds acquisition.

I need competent tutors for Winston Churchill “retardation.” I have lapses of attention, thereby learning disability, due to incoming intuitive sense (e.g., majoring in Chemistry right next to Love Canal, making me lose confidence in completing college school major).

Standard deviations need to be away from a mean of Truth. Otherwise you start with rot and you lose capital, you lose business, you lose at least 200 years more; and if private initiated you lose 500 years of Science Part II, research & development, applied science, applied technologies “out the door” consumer purchases and constant business big, big profits!

Earth 1st, America 2nd, World 3rd! But if politicking can’t see it through, America 1st, Exoplanet Earth 2nd, World 3rd!

G(200) for American jobs first! Global trade involving subsidiaries competing with sole proprietorships busy with Earth sciences data to extend business’s platform of big, big profits for 200-500 years. Profits that guarantee revenue when other sources become outdated.

There is a final, an outdating, that’s an update–prepare with private initiative and assured profits for those years! Keep business in business with returns that extend beyond the “great years.” Keep business in business, Beyond the Final Years!!

It shouldn’t be a do-nothing Congress and a do-nothing President!  It should be: those, and me who know, working and producing correctly, so you don’t wind off running off a cliff!  It’s too early.  Give us Science II 200 years, see if it can extend another 300! of big profits (applied science, applied technology of Science II) on top of sizable profits (from the old economy) continuing in constant dollars!

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder.

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