Totalitarianism bugs me a lot

Siding with the Dalai Lama and the US. government parties, Totalitarian politics is bent on science and art to murder the actual good-natured and good-in-action.

This may be adjunct Straussian philosophy and asserts killing “the good” from time to time. China does it. Russia too. Hitler did it. Trump and now Obama seem inclined to do what this philosophy expounds.
Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

Using the Dalai Lama, exported reptiles feed on humans and populations join this pejorative cult to feed these over-sized reptiles with their lives.

People in near vicinity of these creatures feel threaten and encroached on freedoms of liberties for constituents, including life, liberty, and realizing happiness.

Aryan language philosophy entails a denigration, and humiliation on the sanctity of life by murdering human lives.

Put a stop to it. Things have gone national because Tibet is nationwide in America–outlaw these exotic pets.

Let’s stop making a mockery of the working men and women, and those on unemployment looking for employment or the “working disabled.”

There is no altruistic Totalitarianism, it sounds great and impressive in ideology of ideas.  But the application, from the right or left always works for the demise of its group and the world, and the destruction of worthwhile organizations.

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