Wisdom Intelligence (WQ) & Agency and psyche economy surplus of a human social animal’s brain primarily in its private, personal unconscious with filtered information, social intelligence in a psyche collective unconscious commons–considers a solution to hypereconomy of the next two years entailing dollar and deficit bubbles.

Private Initiative & Private Enterprise, business universes. $25 trillion in solar, wind, geothermal, stating “oil” cap becomes “energy field” cap.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder: Marshall Plan II, bio-genetic revolution and sustainability Reformation, to infuse G200 with Fort Knox metal for global economy before dollar and debt bubble bursts, in two years or less. This will avoid a “great depression” bubble burst, and infuse the global economy for 20-50 years in a transitional economic and environmental scenario inspired by business universes of “barons” and “baronesses!”

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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