While we wait . . .

Aligning fear with flow activity of very productive, or very, very productive work keeps us busy, while pro tempore attorneys suefor the unconstitutionality of President-elect Trump’s manic law binge, attempting legislation that’s clearly unconstitutional, and steadfastly opposing the mad capper to turn America into a totalitarian state devoid of religious freedom, freedom to express oneself in a safe context, or to keep separation of Church, Synagogue, and Mosque from State affairs, and the legal right to assemble, such as in town halls to discuss and be clear what is constitutional and what is unconstitutional during President-elect Trump’s binges.

That genocide is at no time a Natural act involving Natural Law.  That the Golden Rule speaks better of treatment of others rather than striving to decimate their numbers [as in the Hagen-Daz© rule]–The golden rule states, in so many words, “Do onto others, what you would want done onto you.”

From this moral precept came moral reasoning and ethical standards that can be acid tested in pragmatism to avoid clumsy implementation of decent acts, although “messy” is something we have to live with in diversity. Evolving ethics discussions of scenarios and behaviors come up in social media and conversation, doing a better job of “checking in” with one another, better than, what the state does.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder (G200 infusion of Fort Knox for Marshall Plan II in Science II for the first trillionaire barons!)

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