A Quest for many answers for ultimate solutions

Reduction rhetoric of academe vs. idea quanta of energy and subparticles in Universal Cognitive-“Light” Consciousness to dispel our ignorance on “dark matter,” and enlightened when paradigm shift makes knowledgeable our understanding of this dark-matter “stuff;” and, if motivated, a belief system serving as a kind of, elan vitale of a human historical soul, that depicts evolution’s progress through the eons.

Now the subject of communism.  As a economic system it serves as an alternative to liberal economics but on a university campus, such politics (like socialist fascists) can lead to computer programming humans into coerced thought regimes, with no possibility of personal appraisal of situation’s relation to society at-large.

The mission of Totalitarianist regimes is to end civilizations, espousing human suicide of nations through mechanized murder, as the scientific energy of entropy, or decay; without the creative force that evolved through physics, chemistry, biology, idea quanta of subparticles and simple nano physics (of a universal dimension involving a destiny for the earthly Jew, and assured heaven for the expired Christian) amidst the atomic structure of biology, both weighted upon observation and grave in fate.

Now, not so much in an intellectual discussion, but more applied behavioral science consideration:

What if students were led to believe that the professors of chaos are the most competent and popular?

Are we not instituted in our education to develop responsible character to the society we are a part of, and act on?

Isn’t there an unmistakable trend here of avid learning and enthusiasm for membership and leadership in Anarchy International? A direct relationship for some.

Should we, then, teach ethics espousing “life value,” ever since 1950?

To encourage our advanced thinkers and emotionally sound and intelligent to develop a personal system of ethics, spiritual intelligence (SQ), involving human value and meaning?

Finally, I assert very, very strongly, that we pioneer (with the advent of “wisdom literature”) within social and “hard” physical sciences, a wisdom intelligence (WQ), that says, “Nay!” when want says an ignorant WQ, “Yea!”  Says, “Yea” when the need. And searches for alternative answers from information mining when the solution is out of doctorate disciplines–to use “something else”–or for that matter: a series of something elses, to engage a divergent brain and satisfy the mind’s quest for ultimate solutions, to our ultimate problems.

“But we need to recall . . . those who struggled through the years to make UC a free, open, and pluralistic campus, a true marketplace of ideas, a University tolerant of a diversity of views and expression within its faculty and students, a place that would be synonymous with this nation’s most cherished right–the right of dissent.”

Leon F. Litwack In: “There Was Light,” ed. Irving Stone, updated Jean Stone ©1970, ©1998 by Regents of the University of California.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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