Poison on the mind.

Poison on the mind.

China’s main organization likes the poisons of China, like cigarettes. China, Russian, possibly German regimes believe there is wisdom from “knowing” from cigarettes and industrial poisons. Knowing that it affects, to effect global history. Americans find key “poisoned” personnel taking the US and the world to a “poison Armageddon,” greater than the “naive” wisdom of liberal societies’ discipline of social sciences’ neuroplasticity–especially liberal economics and democracy, from Cortisol-destroying brain depth, to neuroindustrial poisons killing amphibians, and occult-stregnth that kills the enthalpic energy to live in seniors’ and compatriots’ focused on the enthalpic elimination of the young of the species, first by fiction titles of books enveloping them in dystopian ideas, then making the young blind to the fission nuclear reactors of Sweden (eclipsed by a well-intentioned vote-in of socialism that destroys their freedoms and may stop the construction of scientifically safe reactors); hydrogen refueling stations demanded by hydrogen engineered manufactured cars, a marvel to behold. Thomas Edison labs (eclipsed by the occult, melting researchers’ brains), seeking a system better found by observation in safe-employee codes, and digitized recordings, that can be filtered to observe in the complete spectrum of light after-the-fact of recording, what is to be, continuous plasma explosions serving as fuel to power plants of industrial nations globally. Hence, the future thought, not to exist, does! -Keven. P.S. This is a species striving in the brain stem, for survival or self-destruction, the nurturing mammal endoskeletalneuro.

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