The composed body of the following heading then appears: Jung mentions “Jew” in his personal, private unconscious and in his experience within a Commons-of-the-positive-constructive reasoning powers {Destiny) in global negative affect of Death and dying {fate).

He never saw for them to be fated by society, but be among exoplanet Earthlings’ residents who share in Destiny of the planet’s populations.

It is true he tried Nazism, but it’s harm and destruction was severe and he declined from membership later on. He wrote on such destruction in a Princeton Press collection “Jung on Evil” and commented, and I’m paraphrasing, “there was too much of it.”

“Harm and destruction” if there is to be a parallel that he espoused was a sort of “eruption” of the God child into which “he took her hand,” as a result of the Father, Higher-Self of desire, and the Mother of the self, joined by the New God child (after the event in which Nietsche’s realizes “God is dead”).

It’s an internal event. That may be accepting to Beyond post-modern sentiments, but Christian faith may hold out Love for a virgin birth (immaculate conception), and the birth of the God child. I do say that once he (or “she”) arrives on Earth, there has to be an agreement that his presence on Earth is acceptable to Christians much involved with their Satan–for him to live out his years as Christian Messiah “for a thousand years” reign.

The same for the Meseach, acceptance is key for any consideration of a Science II period of bio-engineering maintaining critical bio-diversity, and preparing Man for biological evolution to the planet’s surface while keeping his brain structurally the same. Much to be said of correct ethics steering robotics and computers into “tool section:” keeping these devices programmed to serve Man with its delineated functions and developing AI.

Jobs known to be quality, that is, using our cognitive faculties and challenging to humans need to continue to be kept for humans as part of gross domestic product (GDP). This assures venues for quality life and peak neuro performance.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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