How’s that? Again!

WWIII here. Cracked open a can of rootie tootie rootbeer to pass wind after hit by substances any paranoid would think to himself, “it’s poison.” Find out soon enough if that’s so, or if it is, we won’t–more likely–I won’t, anyway


Doctor of Divinity incl./Dalai Lama communist Apocalypse with phD.  Very high IQ, no WQ, wisdom quotient, wisdom intelligence.

I’ll say goodnight.

My death is a cold Nazi Soviet casino bet from Atlantic City.

Ned, Shaw, and Wingerson eliminating veterans? What does Sir. McFall say.  Is this just a “psych (t)” trip?  Immediately I’ll be labeled paranoid! Convenient.

Big “O”range bets billions–doesn’t have.  Columbia rules the country.

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