National Rent-a-Car© “sovereign foundation,” shakes with daily “4.0” earthquake, national social science of Totalitarianism (ultimate truth by mass torture, The State, property of State); U.S. Constitution in federal system, living document of our own physical-person on Earth. Right-to-live Amendment, Right-to-continue-to-live Amendment, Right-to-die Law (WA state).


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2 responses to “Nation

  1. Personal, private cognitive faculties’sovereignty Law vs anti-social disorder, abusive and traumatic environments, murder practice

  2. All 50-states wide.

    What is purpose of genocide? For contitutional amendments to cease such practices? Or, to create Ultimate Truth of State torture pain existing–all else property? Are we practicing “give up” or did our Republic not hold under the unconstitutionality of Obama.

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