Complete study of para.1 of p.287, Red Book, Carl Jung

Ancients (it is I, Abraham)/salvation/Logos, an expression of divine reason/”so much unreason was in man that he needed reason to be saved”/gods->serpents (or, lizard snake–lamas)/end game/reason->science->technology->extraction of resources->wastestreams->poisons ( I, Abraham, have managed to be assaulted less in toxin intake (a good water filter aids the cause))/toxicology->cancer and heart attacks/paralysis->listlessness, “the undoing”/reason, ergo: “We look to you America to lead in applying effective technology, in the ecosystems themselves and in water filtration systems, to display the technologies for tiger economies to assess the proven, effective technological formulas to halt ultimate destruction, using life-support reason, and correct, effective action.

Modifications to chemical treatment of nondrinkable water to bring the water to drinkable standards, at the end site includes aeration, nonuse of ozonation, and the possibility of regaining natural organisms in the water by such methods as, bird drinking facilities for contact with the water.
Abraham Boulder

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