Happenstance: how does this occur?

Totalitarian science involving applied communist affect intelligence (against the species), rearing in child education by fill-up’s and Wig-Wam’s activism are decisive manipulators showing children to use bioagents to age defenders of democracy and freedom, and replace the regime with a blight of Totalitarian slavery.
Abraham Boulder
P.S. The children’s capacity to destroy the intellectual prowess of a great mind is tantamount in it’s vindictiveness and persistence at destroying constructive endeavor. And willing encouragement by the women is criminal.
I rebel against Totalitarian interests to peg me as a savior of the people of exoplanet Earth, to continue and speed up the wholesale butchery of mankind. See not a hero in me but a man, just a man leading in abject repugnance of tyrannical powers trying to destroy the Natural Law of the U.S. Constituion. No man, woman, or child were ever meant to engage in genocide, caught, judged fairly, and, in my opinion hanged for such criminal acts.

If the United States calls it serial homicide, it is still crimes against humanity!–crimes against the power of the governed, and treason against our constitutional states.
Abraham Boulder. “May I live to see the day that justice returns to America and manages its strengths and weaknesses.”

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