Enter Frankenstein??!

Do we have a monster in our midst?, or sizable profits, followed by a Marshall Plan II to avoid a financial collapse once the screws have been turned, and we have tilted the world-economic keg on it’s side to get every last drop.

Enter “fusion power” after President Nixon took us off the golf standard and aggregates of private initiatives in business, and multiples of universes became the gold standard for now transitioning the energy field for $25 trillion of solar, wind, geothermal (tide-current energy), and propelling the world giants to establish subsidiaries that compete with start-ups bent on investing capital for the widest possible horizon, and the greatest amount of profit in 200-300 years (40-60 million trillion U.S real 2008 dollars), to follow 200 more years of Science Part II in bioengineering and AI Tool Functions to lead homo sapiens bio-genetically diversified for upcoming weather, survival–using brain power we now have with natural assists in increasing plasticity and thus, brain density, and use of AI tool functions!
Abraham Boulder

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