Get ready, get set, go!

Lamas, big and small–lama “ponies” & lama lizard snakes (dragons, serpents, “blue Crocs” of Asia, South America, and Africa) are challenged in superiority by China and India’s, Bengladesh’s, Pakistan’s, Afghanistan lamas, whom are lamas that eat people.

Arabs eat “anything,” ergo serpents get prepared to be eaten, in variety, at supper,

And China and Indian human lamas eat human flesh aspire to gain great strength and sustenance, and solve the problem of unholy gastric disaster besetting a dinner guest eating human forms; unless his or her genes are checked after genetic splicing, like the inventory of babies at biolabs in China, to find the correct genetic code for the supreme lamas (human organisms) that eat humans, lamas, act as carnivores and herbivores, and are final species victor on Earth, by the addition of cannibalism.

This a clear case of crime against humanity.
Abraham Boulder. Jan. 22, 2017 Common Era.

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