Writ of life, lived, upon death– needing continued living rights confirmed!

Equal rights under the “living document” of U.S. Declaration of Independence declaring natural, unalienable right to “life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness,” . . . “to effect safety and happiness,” and accepted legal talk of rebellion against Tyrants and what amounts to “absolute despotism” or Totalitarianism, “it is [herein] the right, their [as an opposing force in and out of government, in and out of state boundaries] [their] “duty, to throw off such government[s], to provide new guards for the protection” of these self-evident truths, such as those stated herein, “to repeated injuries and usurpations,” such as “china jew person working at Harborview, University of Washington Medical Center Campus,” and the “U.S facility for bioagents of physics delivery” and other non-complying constitutional governments of the United States of America, that physical injuries conducted by the state of Washington whose constitution includes the U.S. Constitution and by allegiance with the 49 other states is legally bound to the U.S. Declaration of Independence, to upheld self-evident equal rights of my freedom from abuse of my constituency of my physical presence on exoplanet Earth–above the neckstem of endoskeleton, and it’s corresponding neurons, as well as below, at the endoskeleton, and corresponding nerve cells of the lower physical person, and the welfare my person-entity.

Abraham Boulder

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