WQ (wisdom intelligence). Illegal, or unhealthy influence.

“Signature brain” is mutually satisfied organic brain disease and psychiatric undertakings for recreation or convenience, leading to neuropsychological results desired by business contacts, and associates. It can be assisted by an unethical medical doctors. It is usually illegal. Unhealthiness is an understatement.

It is linking up between addicts that share similar chemistry and brain mass locations, and are prevalent throughout the businessworld. Much corruption has access this way. They have minds of businessman or businesswoman. The neuropsychology involving business behavior is “signature brain.” There is a linking of interaction difficult to recognize by independent businessman and businesswoman, that goes beyond a sex affair. Sex may not be involved.

It is not just a “fix” of a drug, but “fixing” of the brain–a brain typology. It is the “how-not-to-do-it” competition in business. Done. Challenging you to stay the course on healthy appetites, and healthy relations.

Keven Jung Young

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