How ’bout those private enterprises of business universe empires competing with start-ups!!

Politics for promoting variety in co-existence through diversity in the human race that stateds that “the scientific law holds that the greatest chance of survival is through diversity co-existence,” not necessarily inter-racial marriage.

It is private initiative in business universe that guarantees redeeming securities’ monies in fifty or 100 years by a wider horizon of 200 – 300 years projected instead quarterly returns only that invents real new markets with real dollar returns.

It is fiduciary fusion of monies for G200, Science Part2, Marshall Plan2 after securing European and British trade, that assures us we are jumpstarting the new economy by subsidiaries of green technology from the old economy parent businesses, competing in new green markets, with green-technology start-ups.

It is sending A-teams for comprehensive liberal economy and protecting infant industry in Mexico, with also building a quality national internet infrastructure, so Mexico can really trade with America and Canada, that will keep Mexicans in Mexico, through private initiative of universities and private enterprise, working with the businessmen and businesswoman of Mexico, to build a value-driven economy.

We have invested heavily in workers in Asia. Those jobs there that Do not take from American good jobs require essential toilets, plumbing, and waste treatment structures for clean water and clean food aggressively pursued in applied entrepreneurial economics of different trade fields for this 3 billion+ consumer-population market for a $100 billion return profit (possibly using new industry-standard line of aluminum plumbing for fast, aggressive businesses who check that this actually is demanded from Asian governments and private businesses.

Abraham”Ricardo” Boulder

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