What if this is no longer fiction?

What of the pragmatist, the scientific- oriented reasonable man or woman doing hard labor in prison camps set up by the misfits, uneducated, retarded, crack-baby brain-damaged, state-sponsored, communist aligned, possibly “schizophrenic” in-societal-orientation, whom through state schooling, are college educated, possibly have graduate degrees, and administer programs of pogroms against the competent, the worthwhile sent to our jails and prisons by satinists prosecutors and judges lacking scientific, sound proof of any wrongdoing on the part by the competent? That religious faithful are condemned as criminal by “futuristic” state adherents who send these political prisoners to their death in prison mental health facilities or general prison institutions, no longer housing the sane, God-fearing person of decency, serving criminally–detained as a sort of derelict-of-the past, not worthy of extended life in these state governments?!

Abraham”Ricardo” Boulder.
Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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