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Spirit got its way with China, and we wonder about the President sometimes that he’ll do the unconstitutional thing and banish spirit. Outlaw it. Run it out of town. No more animation like a billion China frozen faced, not done in by frozen yogurt neither. All respect to the Office of the President, and the Commander-in-Chief!

Try to joke, but it’s no laughing matter “except black humor, and it’s toxicity. Can’t help wondering on NIMBY’s (not in my backyard) on 3rd generation lethal toxins. Black humor hee-hawing in our food and water supply, because it”s so darn, funny. Or, is it? No it’s not! Listlessness. Lethalness. Devoured by the King lama. I think this is a prescription I saw and mentioned before in Carl Jung’s Red Book: “cookin’ up poisons” and having volition “paralysis.” Coming to terms with these serpent, dragon sewer rats. Wonder what else he went ahead and tackled.

I’ll tell you what, though Sir Isaac–Newton–the guy puttin’ all the physics together, he and ol’ Carl–Jung said Jesus can live on this exoplanet for thousand years. Sure would enjoy the appreciation of God on Christian terms like Medina with Mohammed.
Abraham Boulder. Praise be it to the Lord, my Rock and Redeemer.

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