I give you the spark of Creation that aflamed the torch I bear. Let it be passed on for Destiny do we not part. Let us venture in business, private and government industries, to show the monarchies a thing or two about private property, as a source of happiness for the general populations and the
constructive, divergent solutions we apply, through research & development to live on centuries and millenia to come.

May we pray that the Italians learn that Karl Marx commented on capitalism as lifting a great many out of poverty, and Adam Smith spoke in the genre of capitalist reform for the worker, for essential needs, and for a stronger, robust economies.

Do not break a working system–reform it by politicking liberal economic incentives and funding to provide financially responsible government services to the public,.with an allowance for a small level of debt. This for robust democracy.

May our sacred prayers wherever we find the faithful good go with those that leave us from existence on Earth.

Keven. Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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