Let’s take a moment to look around–everything in it’s place, I’m sure.

Federal government these days seems to stick to intel, but lost understanding of subliminal information due to overuse of amphetamines, which are used for extra-caution in surveying our lands and waters

What I am saying is any communication subliminally is not getting to field operatives (minus flooding subliminal information), and they could use an assist to work against terrorism by this subcategory of sensing.

I believe if three or four fellow agents diminish the use of this strength of stimulants, the group training they all went through, combined with their own experience, will provide a better sense of (possible) valid intuition–as added possibilties to investigation, for the remaining field agents, also.

Our fifty states seem to be following a pattern of unlimited power against the constituents in compliance with the power grid of foreign nationalities.

Now for the good news, our constitutional governments limit power to the state, and gives power to the governed, such that state investigation under conditions of subliminal isolation (let’s say you’re home for awhile) is: heresay by law, and (2) applied socialist communist psychotic or socialist fascist psychotic (that is, reasoned to be law and Disorder, and not the reverse, of law and order).

Employees paid to live in society with middle class or upper middle class status(es) are used by totalitarian camps in all fifty states in corporate offices attempt to dominate applied socialist communist or applied socialist fascist psychotic agenda, popularly defined to be transpersonal saliency.

Time assurances need attention for our “feel” to extend to our liberal (individual rights) and conservative (communitarian) philosophies that, quite literally, allowed to think, instead of our thinking supplanted Entirely by state propaganda.

Learn your constitutional law rights and other law rights.  Invoke from the internet to your pad, and evoke in moments of natural history!

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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