Ambition: 300-, 500-, and 1,000-year wide horizons projections (in years).

Hapsburg Soviet Circle socialist Aryan death squads and camps.


Viennese Circle. Capitalist reform. Hayek to Keynes to Adam Smith. Constitutionally amended politicking. Private initiative in business universes “overveto” post-Nixonian neglect of pollution. post-Nixonian pursuit of alternative fuels. Winning the holy grail from lizard snake lamas. Computer generated. Humanist inspired. AI task and tool function. Homo sapiens romanticized in supreme form of the living. Spirit of Jesus reigning within for a thousand years.

Humankind generating a World Civilization and world societies of G200, Marshall Plan II, Science Part II for 500 years. Beethoven’s “Emperor” conflict and resolution of liberal (individual) and conservative (communitarian) political and cultural philosophies. Bottom line=100 million trillion in U.S. real dollars (2008), by 2508. Real market generation for real dollars. Wide horizon of 300 years to yield redeeming stable profit for the next 5-, 15-, 30-, 100-year horizon projections.

Charities benefit world restoration biologically, and cultural Renaissance of elan vitale. Epcot Center. Arts dazzle with replenishment, resplendent themes. Synthesized sound of acoustic-quality music erupting on the scene.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

Abraham”Ricardo” Boulder.

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