Red Book, Reader’s version of “the other.” Carl Jung on the other side of the bully, or the bully pulpit.

The creative “other” is an answer to “crisis in democracy.” (Leadership in Straussian blindness for exploitation.)

Metaphysics entering physics realm; and the energy of the “God child,” or “Gold child,” animating principle to man-self and woman-spirit; and the daimonic creative principle; and their human-spirit singularity for corresponding, fate and destiny–for the bio-genetic species to perish, or survive. Thinks small–people want to and constantly try, to step on “the other.” They delude themselves for further exploit. Hot, he cools his engines. Hot, he rages like a Wall Street Bull, but with the singularity pattern of purpose and resolve–the animating sport of beef and holy grail.

Those of “the one,” ascending of rage and murder, get burned by the sun, blinded by the celestial brightness, and go the way of the serpent, the dragon. They need to find and integrate “the other” rather than alienating him. Be he Christ, or “Ye are the witnesses!”

Red Book, Reader’s Ver., [pp. 149 top -> pp. 194], “Resolution.”

pp.. 360 (“the circle”) ->p. 373. Carl Jung.

Abraham Boulder.

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