Let’s get down to business: with real–solutions.

“uplifting spirits” in casino environment

Hierarchy that lost the meaning of “good”. The good becomes money.

Family crisis in-breeding sodomy physical abuse wanton murder; church “the other” co-joining with “the one.” Carl Jung Keven Abraham’s sanity. Both diagnoses. Society in severe brain disorder?? Counslerable?? Does society take a nose dive??! Order maintained by offense defense.

Case in point: the Jews of New Jersey come to Seattle. Opportunities existed for counseling or self-help and time. Work requirements employed. Others in state-sponsored assistant living. Professional and academics ignore their wholesale plight. Healings of sorts were realized but much remains hidden.

Protestants relevant? New Israel for the youngsters. Human flesh eating for the hearty death-defying evolutionist. Much disease. Insect problems. Lama nurseries. What evolves? What remains? Do we simply “sign out” and leave a record.

Thesis statement of Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder: “You may retire with have added gold in your pocket or safe. But the actual physics of taking down the earth involves the science of chaos.

“We are not outside of universal laws nor laws of gravity and graveness on this exoplanet Earth. Our physical selves will receive greater and greater physical disorder–we will increasingly exhibit mental and physical disorders involving major illness and disease.

“This involves our physical selves, united by our existence on exoplanet Earth. No one receives immunity from physics universal laws and exoplanet Earth’s dominion entailing the scientific laws of chaos.

“Chaos, over time, loses the scientific consistency initially seen in early chaos–such as now. At a later date–which is soon, we either deal with our poo-poo, or chaos is complete.”

Premise2, inhabiting Earth, we will inevitably be stricken by universal chaos, and physical and mental disorders will exponentiate on own person.

Premise3: the joy of hording gold will entail physical and mental illnesses multiplying, effecting everyone upon this Earth and in the universe we inhabit.

Little joy, much suffering is our future plight if we don’t take the human effort of private initiative, and the preservation of self-interest involving human survival and bio-diversity–a bio-genetic imperative.

Premise4: gold horded leaves you and everyone else in hospital settings, with doctors “out of their minds” and inflicted with multiple, major disease, both physical and mental.

What to do: Them.

Straussian retards jolly to the max., deviating from the norm, wishing to attend mass funeral arrangements, by dumping 100’s of millions of bodies in former tar pit-scared lands, arrive at a conclusion: that their activism proceeds according to plan–dead planet in a year.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

What to do: Us

Not only material success, but adequate, effective, and on-going, long-term Earth Sciences, time-sensitive goals get achieved, such that the economic incentives are adequately funded by an private company assessor-rating system of bonuses or penalties, or economic incentives and disincentives based on a Value Index that assesses, values of Earth science destructiveness, or Earth science constructiveness.

Monies calculated using the decimal number on the Value Index shows objectivity in implementation and collected in accredited, banking-industry, private banks, that also determine credit worthiness from the decimal number of the Value Index.

The bonus-penalty equation takes the value found in the Value Index and multiplies it by market price then, adds
or subtracts, that product from the market price, based on whether the new figure is, an incentive or disincentive, or bonus or penalty.

An incentive that is achieved by adding the product of the Index Value and market price, to the sole market price, takes funding nicely  from the disincentives derived from the sum of the negative index value that is multiplied by the market price, then the product added (it’s a negative figure because it’s Earth-sciences’ destructive) to the market price, for the sum of disincentives, equal to the incentive, in U.S. dollars.

The private initiative given private economic incentive bonuses and lower credit ratings by the private banks, after the private company assessment of Earth Sciences time-sensitive, priority work, is given it’s positive decimal value from analysis of it’s business plan by Earth Science top, private university departments, determining (1) priority, (2) effectiveness and (3) time schedule relative to other top priority Earth sciences projects.

This concludes that private initiative works in concert with private company assessments supported by top, private university, Earth Sciences departments or colleges’ approval of assessor standards’ decimal values on this index (positive or negative, decriminalization recommended), for working private corporate subsidiaries, later to be parent corporations achieved by individual effort and GroupThink.

This is value driven, creating real markets, for real dollars for $100 million trillion U.S. real dollars (2008) over 500-year horizon, profit margin for individual investors, and corporate profits.

This is chunky beef from the bull of a real stockmarket, instead of an over-confidemt stockmarket queried for relevance and life support.  Are we too royal?

Negative, destructive values have economic disincetives taking away profit from the market price, and continuous fines for adherence to old market economics are in place, until profit is unattainable.

Big money, startups and subsidiaries, applied entrepreneurial economics in bio-genetics, tool AI, and the quantum industries.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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