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Advice on Red Book, reader by Carl Jung

Climax: the living must at first learn to live.p.434 Life has yet to begin p.435. Why still crucified? p.436 [; even though because of depth in subject matter,] I have united with the serpent of the beyond. p.430. We need her in the upperworld, since otherwise the underworld would have had the advatage, to our detriment p.439 the immortal in me is saved. p.433

Sense and nonsense. Intelligences (IQ, EQ, SQ, WQ) and stupidities.

Keven Jung Young, Red Book, reader pp. 439+:

Don’t get involved in the anti-climax, he has gone from a common destiny with humanity, to a personal fate as the curtain closes on his life.

What of the power of the senior wishing his own fate to be the human herd’s destiny??!

The senior heart becomes serpent-like and becomes more sinister while screwing necromantically the little boys and girls to hide the truth of their aged and chemically-toxined, compromised hearts.

Two drives exist, one Faustian that deludes the old person to give his soul to the devil, by acceptance of a delusion, convincing the old man or woman that they will last a long, long time as a result of personal participation
In child victimization, often traumatizing the child by the old perpetrator or killing him or her for a sense of Taoism mastery and strength, which, on the universal level, encompasses a death wish for humanity and the universe itself on the whole.

Now, the second drive is the juxtaposition of human, bio-genetic, destiny mastery through communication and action, with an “often heard” comment of some sort of “flaw” in human body works–that the person ages, and is fated to die.

That fate, and physical heart becoming leathery or lizard-snake (although I attest my brain is 2 million years of mamallian endoskeletal development–warm blooded, you see, and effects the affect of the heart), plus brain exposed to environmental toxins and an accumulation of toxic substances in or around the brain, elicit a demonic figure (the old man or old woman), very anal (and very deity-like of thousands of destructive deities of India, pumped up vigorously up the arse), that with God’s blessing goes off to heaven for having had a long life, but rather if the old man or woman continues to live, has a disposition and constitution, and yes, can have the power too, to deny the Homo sapiens’ herd’s drive for destined survival, and take it upon themselves, in a sense, to “murder” 8 billion people (as we speak), so that the old man or old woman murderer, lasts another 10 years, having smoked 3-packs a day of cigarettes for the last 45 years (and continuing to do so).

That is to say, that a 10-years dystopic decline of civilization and it’s native home on exoplanet Earth can then be perverted by the old man’s seed, impregnating his grandaughter and achieving the much heralded dystopic utopia with mother daughters and sons of father gandpappies. Or gender reversal of the human imagined old woman, in control, but clearly, out of control.

[I write this now, effected by a body practitioner.] In the above condo unit.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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