Something present.

Telepathy Not equal to idea quanta entanglement

Limbic system affect entanglement universally in expression with an other, preferably your own spouse.

Content or (affect) intelligence in a shared commons of “universal consciousness” (such as, tennis court or entertainment venue).

Asocial, anti-social individual, divorced from commons, proceeding to Armageddon, a present-day archetype.

Or, knowing of continuous descending of Hell of mankind, “pulls” a Kantian transformation from radical evil to Jesus Christ, owned in the soul of the individual; recognition and acknowledgment of God by those unaccustomed to prayer, or not used to caring about that “S.O.B.,” and not caring for others–for the most part.

In such a manner, pulls a Savior reversal of our Destiny, in this solar system to a thousand-year- era of confidence of solving-our-problems, divergently, on this exoplanet,, in this milky way galaxy, in this–our shared universe. Our birthright.

Abraham Boulder.

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