Doable Soviet business ideas translated into American business-common law by correct reasoning and simplified version of consumer protection law in the fifty states, or Federal law

There is an argument that common law can be advanced in a more simplified manner to make allowance and assist the less educated, experienced constituent and/or buyer of United States products.

This would allow free-er commerce and allow for cultural exchange that can free-up ideas and increase greater innovation accommodation for consumer products that would actually fulfill the needs of the real consumer, instead of an imaginary consumer–that would not drown the world consumer with products not at the cultural level of a region or sector community within this world that do not meet their emotional IQ, (EQ), not at their spiritual IQ (SQ): value or meaning neither

That is, does this product have meaning to me, SQ, such that what you are telling me to use it for, has “value” to me–and not the manufacturer, in a manner that there is a clear, not forced demand for this consumer item?

Finally, wisdom intelligence–W-IQ, or WQ, is, I assert, a clear and decisive intelligence capable of fundamentally reasoned assertions, that fair better conclusively over time, than ill-conceived IQ “convenience products.”

I further assert, the world as a whole has reasoning capabilities that has WQ, greater than most leaders, and most manufacturers, and need a simplified, culturally-accepted explanation of services offered that consumers can choose to buy–that are clearly explained advantages, and allowing consumers to confirm or disagree with seller’s assertions of “value”–making a decision to “buy service” or not, without pressure from seller of the service.

This includes marketing of wares. Subliminal coercion should be ousted for a marketing strategy designed to reach the actual consumer in their world sector of community, via internet marketing questionnaire surveys, that ask them their needs, so that the questions get answers from them that are actually fulfilling their needs, not buyers’ forced insistence–before enticing them into splurging on wants–if that is even possible by global workers.

Laws should prevent bullying, abusive, macho marketing designed to pummel consumers into products they don’t want or they don’t need–simply because they truthfully are unaffordable, but coerced in marketing strategy.

This is on a global level. Needing consumer protection law–simplified, common law in the United States’ fifty states that addresses the actual global sector communities through much- more-needed marketing strategies that fulfills accurately actual needed demand.

Don’t sell essential needed products like Disneyland adventures. Marketing strategies need to capture very accurately the buyer’s (consumer’s) needs such that any wants thrown at them in macho, peer-fashion, bullying techniques are lawfully not allowed in marketing strategies in the United States addressed to the billions of world population sector communities.

Don’t pull a wild card on the world consumer that uses coercive marketing strategies not fulfilling essential needs of workers who have needs to continue their effort at working and need whatever other time to get their needs fulfilled and find healthier forms of pleasure.

Aggressive marketing needs to target, by WQ, the workers needs so their work for American business is quality #1 and at top speed.

And the marketing in the media needs to reflect American business and other world business leaders very high demand for efficiency and speed from today’s global worker that can only be fulfilled by media marketing that fulfills worker needs to meet world business leaders high demand.

Limits on sexual cannotations can steer a man to fulfill his needs to family and business to better assure him of continued employment in very, very high demanding global jobs.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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