On the other hand, Descartes

“‘As a Christian . . . Descartes assumed that these corpuscles [sic] [“or infinite number of particles”] did not move in utterly random fashion [energy derived from an animating principle] but obeyed certain laws imposed on them [we’ve freed ourselves from a Divine imposition, although in maturity–we take it upon ourselves through volunteering, and giving a hand by fiduciary means, or doing a leadership role in the private initiative for enterprise in the frontiers of science, technology, manufacturing, marketing and selling, to re-establish beyond-post-modern order] by Providential God at their creation [and in continuum–henceforth forevermore, by agency, as Issac Newton believed for a thousand year reign, or another 500 years in Science II].’ ”

-inside quote from “Passions of the Western mind.”

Descartes knew, in his language that there were separate, but parallel dimensions [thirteen, that themselves may include a bifurcating dimension(s) of physics and mysticism–perhaps, in their own unique dimension, or universe, with teleological destiny for each animated-matter dimension in each dimension, as an animating principle, and as far as we go to saying, that believers will experience supernatural phenomena of belief; hence motivators for the human species, especially Christians, a Jesus Christ, and maybe Jews an inspiring messiah of their own; and inspiring for Muslims, once again by the mother of Christianity, to re-establish an equilibrium between chaos and beyond-post-modern order in a new age, a new millennium a new period of prosperity–reestablishing a commitment for better wages and benefits in a Hayek-Keynesian, FDR-Nixon economics for workers to decrease medical costs and maximize profit for the businesses

Abraham Boulder

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