To be Not is to not be and robbed of consciousness, except for the sound of your heart, breathing, and sense of exertion.

Stripped of humanness, and spiritually castrated seeking Redemption, not just salvation in keeping him human,.and opposing enslavement into encapsulated form, with no control whatsoever of your experience, including your bowels.

Bio-engineering to a larger brain so that previous slavery status of a supplanted brain, continues the dismissal of intrinsic worth in our species Homo sapiens whom will do quite well with Tool quantum AI and brain density from brain plasticity is reassured; thus retaining the human size brain. We will use more IQ, with more WQ, wisdom intelligence, program the AI to be solution-seeking on task-oriented, hands-on operations whose functions serve as AI Toola necessary to do a job, simple or complex, and determining the functions it must program to achieve the successful results hands on, without usurping authorizing commands from the human owner, without the mind of the user worrying that this thing is getting out of hand.

There is an iveremphasis on consciousness that removes Man from existence and leaves his soul sterile, and body listless.

With all the to-do of a mesmerizing show of intellect, the sooner we capture AI viruses in networks with the hardiwork of AI Tool using AI Firewall and AI anti-Virus, the better!

Abraham Boulder

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