Upon my death. Please post.

When is it pernicious, and not letting you live:
Focus on the definition of pernicious in New World dictionary.

What do I believe? Are my beliefs, values of tragic fate or in context of historiogroup, involving (a) individual perpetrators and group participation, or (b) the fulfillment of laws enacted in good faith to allow for conscience without naivete, and destiny without obstruction by government leadership, or university protocol demanding too much adieu to post-modernism garbage, retarding our brains, and making us graduated, stupid minds.

When do we end an era of clogged artery thought and promote revolution for new world civilization and world societies (and local state regional spaces)?!

When does support in context of “common injustice” and cooperation with the devil transfix the freedom of faith, belief under an umbrella of good Almighty God, or atheism, or agnosticism, but not exclude the right to a good God for the healthy, constructive goods of common wealth, defined to be: adequate food not rotten, adequate healthcare so everyone’s not dying, adequate housing and public transportation. A good God by your side, and a devil to think you through some very, very bad times for America, except for the 1% and some of the 5%.

Liberal economics is natural trade be it in a white economy or under the table. We can hope that the trade saves lives, but we know that that won’t always be the case. It is a working system, that along the way should be Adam-Smith reformed for worker benefits, and used in all cases of trade.

But, long behold, the culprit will be money put in by the State among other Foreign States to encourage death of citizens and non-cooperation with the able-bodied private business sector.

These governments, communist or fascist, may then spend the dollar on incineration of the masses, not economic incentives for nascent green technology and economic disincentive for “same old, same old,” loser, platinum-standard industries. With job creation, in the demands of the marketplace, where re-investing is vital, the government needs to do less, and support construction of infrastructure, security and appropriate funding for Defense, while stockholders build the next Berkshire-Hatheway© in green business.

So the government is a lagger that drags it’s feet to take the American people down. In football, the lineman pushes the opposition out of the way so the runner can get by. We need this government to stay out of the way of private enterprise, and use the Defense Department in appropriate ways that doesn’t make us the evil empire.

We need alternatives in investment to the large demand for war profits, and to keep the economy focused on feeding, clothing, housing, and employing the constituents of this nation. Keep it a “bread and butter” economy, that provides adequate charity for the poor and dispossessed.

I know $5 a month to Feeding America provides 30-50 meals monthly. Let’s see you put that $5 spot in this charity’s envelopebut, or give by internet.

Also, using operatives as KGB directors is not recommended. Not that I know the spy business, but there is freedom and responsibilities, not freedom and abuses to constituents who have the right to liberty, and freedom from oppression, and from being murdered. Sounds a bit like paranoia, until you think you know who walks in those shoes.

It could be family.

Abraham Boulder

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