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Give a wonder.

Things have a way of working out in the end.

What about before that date?

Are we letting legitimate reforms occur by the states, for example?

President Trump cut the Food Stamp Program by 25 percent. When’s the states’ going to pay expenses for people who would starve otherwise.

You may be going to heaven, or straight to hell, but when is it Christian to let people starve to death, when we are so bountiful.

In a perfect world, more like our neighbor sovreignty above, a constituent would get “a dime” to help them stay alive. And when working, would get a living wage like New York State, or what is emerging in Seattle over 5 years.

Economists tend to not like minimum wages, and if the politics is to give workers livable income for a robust democracy, economists say “do it over 10 years.”

But if the politics is such,. and demand is so great from the populous–do it in 5 years. That’s a compromise between economists and people looking to feed themselves.

But for starters a worker at least needs $10 an hour. And $15 an hour would help him or her function better, be able be in better shape, and maximize productivity and profits, and get the sleep we all need to start it all over come morning.

Let it jog your mind.

Abraham Boulder

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Take a moment.

There is no reason that satisfies invalidation for the coupling of science of actuality and the belief system that generates behavioral science in history for the goodness and greatness in man whom otherwise tends toward terribleness.

Such a belief can be metaphysical, spiritual, or Spirit.

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Is Russia so Asian that Aryan policy is supreme? And the decimation of the Russian peoples and the rest of the world begins and never stops? For an Orthodox Christian, and possibly Protestant sects’ cleansing?  An end to humanity?

Are the Russians the greatest race for Jonestown, followed by every other race?

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Devinsky

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The Fart bugle has been called

Incoming arrival at anytime. WWIII. Subject: enslavement of the human species by VirusAI. Must be ToolAI. no exceptions.


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This only got better!

Something personal, but it effects work to, and continued profits.

President Trump wants us to surrender to Greek fate: “we lose in the end.”

But teleologically we are philosophically on this universe’s exoplanet to find answers to two definitions of teleology found in Webster New World® 2009-2017©

So, the journey continues, and history will make it’s mark!

(1) the fact, or quality, attributed to natural processes, of being directed to a definite end or having an ultimate purpose.

“toward” implies: to reason with a purpose in mind, and does not imply Armageddon.

Hegelian philosophy explains an “ultimate purpose” of man/humankind discovering ultimately, “as if for the first time,” Man’s reason for existence and meaning aside from annhilism, genocidal annhilation, and as Karl Popper said (paraphrased), “guilty of, and capable of stupidity, not just genius in thinking.”

(2) the doctrine that natural phenomena are determined by an overall design or purpose in nature.

That by me, means: evolution and continuance for 276 million years (the Boulder Period–our bones become petrified in rock!); when dinosaurs–not too smart lasted 173 million years.

The business universe’s and businessmen and woman want Trump to remember he’s a politician, and to bend to the private sector’s requirement that President Trump not to steer the Nation’s ship like the Titanic–into the Armageddon iceberg.

In history, I think his pulling out of the Paris meetings is, like the title of the book, “Brilliant Blunder” that can be made up later, or surpassed by working private-enterprise, liberal economics, which could use reform of a Hayek-Keynesian sort.

Just as Einstein, Darwin, and Tesla made serious mistakes, President Trump may have put other things as priority.

Governor Brown leads in the government sector of the state of California, by example, and by agreements, with foreign states looking forward to a cleaner future for all of us, of the human species, Homo sapiens.

And the U.S.Constitution needs to be amended that: the living documenf is a Natural Law document, and, in times, needs amending for human survival. Namely, that genocide of any kind is unacceptable and unnatural law, and is therefore Unconstitutional and thereby, cannot be instituted by Federal offices or the 50-states offices, nor can businesses receive public funding.

We rely on the private sector for whether or not we sink or swim, and hold the Defense Department responsible for the security of the constituents of this country during peacetime, as well as at times of war, and the Commander-in-Chief find this in line with his view of history.
Abraham Boulder

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