Give a wonder.

Things have a way of working out in the end.

What about before that date?

Are we letting legitimate reforms occur by the states, for example?

President Trump cut the Food Stamp Program by 25 percent. When’s the states’ going to pay expenses for people who would starve otherwise.

You may be going to heaven, or straight to hell, but when is it Christian to let people starve to death, when we are so bountiful.

In a perfect world, more like our neighbor sovreignty above, a constituent would get “a dime” to help them stay alive. And when working, would get a living wage like New York State, or what is emerging in Seattle over 5 years.

Economists tend to not like minimum wages, and if the politics is to give workers livable income for a robust democracy, economists say “do it over 10 years.”

But if the politics is such,. and demand is so great from the populous–do it in 5 years. That’s a compromise between economists and people looking to feed themselves.

But for starters a worker at least needs $10 an hour. And $15 an hour would help him or her function better, be able be in better shape, and maximize productivity and profits, and get the sleep we all need to start it all over come morning.

Let it jog your mind.

Abraham Boulder

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