Behold, an expression of joy, and some language to-boot.

Reason has a soundness, a sanity, and intelligence that can be seen via “heart phenomena.” Located in the limbic system to express feelings to other limbic systems, as a subparticle of matter, it either travels to other limbic systems in aerie substrate, or by entanglement means in universal unconsciousness–immediate contact over great distances.

The intelligence represented by language leaves the apparent phenomenon in a commons of practicum of the unconscious, and gets interpreted by “reason as an aspect of spirit,” Gassendi’s understanding of the process of untangling threads of meaning from heartful expression with the animating principle of spirit, from the anima in men characterized as “woman and soul,” and as a norm of females whom’s affective intelligence is ontologically valid in metaphysics, and as an expression of feeling.

Abraham Boulder

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