Take a look at where we’ve been. Cycles of American thought.

How we left ourselves open to AI robotics supplanting our soul, our brains, and personal experience (except for breathing and heart rate–total submission).

“Descartes helped emancipate the material world from its long association with religious belief, freeing science to develop it’s analysis of that world in terms uncontaminated by spiritual or human qualities [sic] and the natural world now stood autonomously as never before, separated from God and from each other.”

pp. 279-280 “The Passion of the Western Mind” ©1991

Throwing out SQ, such that values and meaning were not primary impetus, such that we could listen to our Rev. Jones and do a Jonestown.

Human qualities that value learning how to live and relearning how to live with new discoveries, not impeded by a Straussian salesman archetype attempting to dismantle constitutional government, and the Power vested in the populous from limits to government power such that “all the [public] cannot be fooled all the time.”-Abraham Lincoln.

And the government cannot and will not oppress, suppress, and depress gravely in metaphysics the populous, where Gassendi says “reason is an aspect of spirit.” And reasoning done on what is self-evident to the world, entirely is free to engage in by observers.

Abraham Boulder.

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