What has become of “The Passion of the Western Mind” Revision 2.  Take a look!

Pure thought is non-Euclidean, lacking the 13 dimensions, including the no science dimension of faith, belief and behavioral science that redefines the legal entity of corporation and company and community to re-establish destiny, not fated to extinction, and where, by laws, monies are invested in competing subsidiaries are making money keeping busyness with a schedule of tasks and action under deadlines that are real, and ambitious established dynamically by Earth science university departments.  Perhaps, because this is private initiative, it is relied on credible private university proving and sustaining integrity throughout the adventure of a closing window on exoplanet Earth of 200 years.
Stripped of humaness and spirituality, and extinguished as an animal (mammal), the Western Mind steps aboard the S.S. AI Virus ship to destroy the species (animal), and do away with human (except personality computer programs), end Eternity, Spirit, God, Destiny–all for the Ph.D that sounds more and more like a computer program, with extreme IQ, but lacking the required WQ, wisdom intelligence of AI Tool, commanded by humans giving permission for a program to operate, something else operate, something out of the box operate, or to not use anything at all and stay the course.

Abraham Boulder

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