Methodology of research of new found possiblilties: fated? Or, Destiny!  This is a MEME.

Note for below material:. Bifurcation point (of utter chaos) of overfilled population is sought by the viral dna

I work in possibility. When a subject is critical, the probability for reasearch is great.

Upon further investigation, you learn of something possible that is important, then probability for further research is recommended on this significant possibility.

And the search for greater understanding continues, via tree flow chart, where the expansion or narrowing of the research of significant possibilities, in turn, for significant probabilities of new found knowledge in science is inputted to a tree flow diagram.

Depending on research money, and possible necessity to focus narrowly on probability of further relevant knowledge may be required.

Investigating a virus capable of space travel via spirit locomotion cloud and simple nano structure of the virus, combined manifested vigourous anal activity displayed in intercouse of the vagina, and Aryan disassembly of this women to respective organs including removal of the brain, then selling of organs. Common subconscious saliency in and forced conscious with “immediacy” nature.

The virus was “seen” (group saliency) in the women’s brain apparently seeking nourishment.

The viral representation of a black spider with no head can be archetypal magnification exponentially via the archetypal good Almighty God of the Commonwealth (inspiring Idaho’s Constitution) that focuses on destiny, displaying the spidery-form of Western Civilization fate and eclipsed destiny (for a new world civilization, world societies and local nature sovreignties) by the viral altering DNA that has already occurred in India’s vigorous, anal-activity obsession and addiction.

From this Tantric sex, comes 20,000 destructive dieties that may be the universe end-point for universal entanglement of a nano, simple-structured virus that comes from another part of the universe.

Posit: India can utterly transform brain cognizance and consciousness.

The virus may have altered the DNA of Indians for world civilization’s demise as opposed the God of sanity, health, redemption, serenity; thus genuine love of the good Almighty God of commonwealth (of Idaho) whose idea of single God derived from the God of Hebrew tribes.

Such a single God is the light of destiny that helped occur the Enlightenment of Hobbes and Bacon.

This is opposed by the destructive deities of India fated to destroy mankind and seeking the Creator of sanity and health themselves in Aryan amplification to cause this human fate.

It is inherent in China’s present understanding of the Tao that we are fated as a species.

I Abraham Boulder speak of millions of years of destiny for our varied races, derived in Western Civilization. The dinorsaurs lasted 173 million years. We can easily outlast them to 276 million years, or the Boulder Period!

Abraham Boulder

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