Illegal Mexicans get to stay put in Mexico with great economic policy

Mexico needs an economy bolstered by liberal economics to avoid oversize or busting budgets, including whatever services to the public are affordable to keep the democracy, ideally, in good shape.

Wall or no wall–the best way to keep illegalp Mexicans to stay and live in their home, Mexico, is to use academic “brains” to structure a doable politicaleconomy so trade in Nafta with the South-border country secures Mexicans in their country more and doesn’t lead to overwhelming, human-storming of the wall co-joined with USA.

I’m not even sure it involves government intervention when think-tank institutes, knowing college liberal economics, are beyond learning, business-number mentality; and can develop correct markets systems for this economy.

Again, socialist communism influence always aids democracy by not forgetting the worker with Adam Smith, moral sentiments, so they perform high productivity without sizable burnout; maximizing profit for the businesspersons that, also includes village men geting to search for suitable wives with the little time they have for contact with one another.

Republicans seeking Hayek econimic policy and democratic businesspeople seeking Keynesian modifications need to remind themselves that starting out small can develop a Google or several, major businesses, competing with small or medium-sized businesses, driving their economy to better health and more stregnth.

They want their government to work, as well as the private sector of business.

They’re asking for the people with the know-how to seek funding from our states’ government or foundations.

A team of applied, pro-democratic political scientists and applied pro-liberal economists scientists modeling for direct application of economic principles to businesses, once the political scientists have free reign with the power to tailor the Constitution and government for greater efficiency and efficacy–then, approved by the majority of the voters.

“It seems, nothing works–and they need the government to work and so, the economy.”

“They need to work from the “ground-floor, up” and build something that makes the govrnment and economy doable.”

They need a technical, know-how approach for direct application to government and business sectors. They need systems that work. And intercession at key locations of government business and working policy with the private sector to end deadlock.

Abrahem Boulder

Abraham Boulder

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