From “play” to serious talk

Brother working Aryan philosophy as gospel tends to inflame people frequently leading to mass killings.  Done in common unconscious settings.

Not legally responsible for sticking his subconscious nose in other persons’ business, but I’m reading about “destructive emotions,” and discussions on what science can learn from religion.

There is a stream of subconscious, psyche economy deficit, that looks to bully, act unfair, and kill for no good reason.

There is a stream of subconsciousness, psyche economy surplus that sees injustice, and expresses it’s outrage about appalling situations that no one is to be kept from saying to someone else–not the media or government official-does not have the right to interfere with–Amendment 1, Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution that allows free expression, except no threats or dishonor to the standing government, or the Office of the President of the United States of America.

Fair criticism is acceptable and welcomed.  We enjoy hearing different perspectives on issues and look forward to conclusions that relate to cause and effect.

Perspectives on political and economic trade are welcomed.  Fairer treatment of worker’s is an Adam Smith hallmark for fairer business practices.

But stockmarket analysts that only talk about bubbles (although that talk can be totally legitimate), are not talking enough of emergent markets of diversification in energy ($25 trillion industry), when numerous CEO’s are talking closing markets.

The key thing here–the very, very important financial concern here is not when the market goes down, but whether the businesses in new market capital are still linked to essentially, deadweight that will sink flagships in green energy, green technologies, and interlinks with industries that play “catch up” with products more and more with the green label.


Property: most.  Moving expense and time taken out for the move, at the critical hour.
Abrahem Boulder

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