Let’s talk biology to our new leadership

Post-modern perverted lies for sex (away from Western Enlightenment), may mask knowledge by legends, like Dr. Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, and 1928 Alexander Fleming accidentally discovering penicillin in a petri dish.

What is masked from these generations away from these discoverers of science, is generational knowledge, going forward, of cleaning yourself during menstruation, to clean junk out of your biological system.

Lister, who discovered alcohol antiseptic quality is Not natural cleaning for the female organs’ areas.

What is natural is perhaps Dove soap applied to clean thoroughly, or perhaps a product like phisoderm® which used to be on the shelves to proper pH of skin and thereby, not to be too alkaline.

Such a discussion like these is the same, hygiene-level, as brusing your teeth–it’s important for overall health.

Staying out of the occult, and entering the light of better health is always a better way to go.

Abraham Boulder

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