Finding a workable polio vaccine completed, Dr. Salk talks of now, the present in 1983 for 2018.

P. 112-121. “The Present” In: Anatomy of Reality. By Jonas Salk. Columbia University Press. ©1983. New York.

This is my reason d’etat (reason for being) besides my fiancee, and my plea to take a look. Should I pass on.”

Abraham Boulder. Keven.

  1. *Note: His discussion on evolution, can be digested by MEMEs taking the first step, then another, then another–our genes expressing themselves reasonably and applying wisdom intelligence at all critical moments, with head room to envision tactics, strategies, keep an eye (like the U.S. dollar had drawn on it for many years) on the field, or noted fields to allow progress in our physical, mental, and spiritual form that includes balance through Gassendi’s “reason is an aspect of spirit” (quote from the ebook, Science of Liberty), and also affect expressed with “words, so curious!.”  -AB.
  2. “The new reality,” p. 122.  A core problem needing addressing is rearing.  Do we rear to know or not to know?
  3. It is much easier not to know and pass your academic exams or trials famously!! 
  4. But then we don’t know.  And those that know get stuffed somewhere, including labelled mentally incompetent, and proudly displayed as, “on drugs, but they’re on medications.”
  5. Genocide.  Titans. The rest of us.  Living amongst each other, without genocide. Not a ship of fool’s.  Not a Titanic blunder because some person is showing the way to non-Euclidean, Aryan supremacy!  Down goes the ship! The end to all of our lives!
  6. We can do better.  Carl Jung “went” post-apocalyptic.  In the Modern, 20th Century:  He was Jesus Christ, for sure.
  7. I show you where I am.  Jonas Salk.  Carl Jung.  Abraham Boulder.
  8. I can direct.  The chief director has oversight on the direction taken by a business in compliance with directors from Earth Science departments of private academic universities.
  9. The director knows the numbers and is the chief administrator
  10. The Assistant Director is go-between for the executives and their management team.

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