Is it safe??

In 1931 Stalin ordered the demolition of Moscow’a Christ the Savior Cathedral, … [the Cathedral] commemorating the victory over Napoleon.

A gaping hole was left empty.

After the fall of the USSR the Christ the Savior Cathedral was built from scratch at great expense.

three young women in 2012 sang a punk prayer against Putin: the Pussy Riot.

They had also inadvertently entered a labyrinth of symbols that led, as do so many things in Russia, to prison.

I don’t know how safe I am in King County, Washington -Keven.

Having no need but for a constructive role; using small wings as result of Kantian philosophy favoring butterfly wings for order, instead of science of chaos energy for chaos. Hence union and release of energy, understanding and a release of energy in developing order, federal system hand release of Constitutional government order.

“Lenin, who actively hated the very idea of God, persecuted both the symbols of Christianity and it’s priests, who were imprisoned and executed in large numbers.

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