Destiny vs. Fate

America is divided for better and worse.

It’s problems, part of maturing into them.

But the world; namely non-Western has so many more unresolved problems that although approaching the problems with human hand and human eyes; the alternative Aryan studies, winning Ph.D’s from their study may be a way of solving fiscal economic woes, playing God where natural disasters once took great numbers of the population.

Motivations may go viral–by a virus–either from human slaughter, or plague conditions hidden from view.

But the Ph.D. in Aryan death and dying and corpse putrefecation–may be a focus on a virus or viral genes with the intent to make corpses of the West for Viral Genetic Eastern leadership.

Do away with Western concepts involving intellect be replaced with creature consciousness and the worship of the Supreme Viral Bug–possibly, via entanglement–genes of behavioral science from other galaxies–that go farther than the King lamas.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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